A Complete Digital Marketing Solution In Hong Kong We offer everything to build a strong brand, product, or company across many industries in the HK and worldwide. We drive result in maximum online exposure. LEARN MORE slider digital marketing agency hk hong kong2 Empowering Your SEO Through Pandemic Challenges SMEBro leads the new generation of SEO strategies, which maximize your website’s potential by aiming your customizable market precisely. We drive traffic and customers to your site. LEARN MORE slider digital marketing agency hk hong kong3 Only Pay The Right Visitors
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With the help of an integrated, data-driven marketing strategy, we deliver you only the right visitors that will lead you to your potential customers. No unnecessary paid needed! LEARN MORE
Why Choose Us?
We offer everything to build a strong brand, product, or company across many industries in the HK and worldwide.


If you want clear, tangible results from your marketing strategies, get in touch now and see how we can help.


  • 200% drives more traffic and sales.
  • 200%會幫你帶來更多的流量和銷量。
  • Delivering the right visitors straight to your door.
  • 直接提供潛在顧客的資訊給你。
  • Increased and improved ROI, lasting result guarantee!
  • 增加和改善投資回報率,保證持久的結果!

It's More Than Just SEO!

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best end to end marketing solutions at the forefront of the industry.


See how our dedicated super team can help you.


Search Engine Optimization

93% of your customer online experiences begin with a search engine. We get you to the top of search results so potential customers will find you first. | 93%的客戶在線體驗都是從搜索開始。而我們的SEO專家會按照客戶產業規劃,提供關鍵字方案,協助加強網站優化,提升關鍵字排名,事半功倍地幫您贏得名列前茅的優勢。

Custom Web Design

We specialize in creating customized web designs. Our flawless web designs will guide the user intuitively and will display perfectly on every device. | 我們會協助客戶詳細地健檢品牌網站,針對病徵持續加強優化,網站流量大增指日可待。<br /> 設計定製的網頁不是問題,你只要將你的想法告訴我們,我們會有專業人士指導你。

Paid Search Management

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. Prepare for the leads to come rolling in! | 有源源不斷的潛在客戶出現,企業在穀歌廣告上每花費$1 HKD,就可以獲得平均$2 HKD的收益。

SEO App & Web Development

Looking for an all in SEO development for your Apps / Sites? We got you covered with our integrated SEO development, build up personally for your business. | 隨著電子產品的發展,手機版網站的優化至關重要,我們會針對客戶協助您開發手機版SEO優化

Link Building & Content

Content is the king. All your digital efforts will lead to content creating. We provide solution to your content and link building to help optimize your customers journey to the maximum level. | 一個網站想要保持良好的排名,網站的內容需要帶有原創性,而且要定時更新。在這裡,我們幫你優化網站,增加潛在客戶流量。

Local Search Strategy

With our professional and experienced team in handling local brands, we are able to support you through any kind of products you are selling, straight through your desired market. | 我們擁有負責本地品牌且經驗豐富的專業團隊,無論你銷售的是什麽產品,我們都可以優化和推廣您的離線或在線業務,更容易找到本地的目標客戶和潛在客戶
Leading Digital Agency in
Hong Kong : Improvement
in Qualified Leads
“Getting relevant and qualified traffic to your site might be a challenging task.”

That’s where we come in.


With the help of an integrated, data-driven marketing strategy, we will deliver you the right visitors that will lead you to your potential customers.


High SERP rankings put your business in the perfect position to attract new clients. Our SEO team of creatives & developers will lead you to the top of Search Engine.
Search Advertising
Search Ads are the perfect supplement using its fast-acting ads to catapult your business to prominence. Our expert team in SEM will drive you ahead of your competitor.
Web Development
Our web design methods are in line with design principles, and our web designers bring balance, emphasis, rhythm, contrast and unity together to create stunning results.
Display Advertising
Display Ads leave your site wide-open to get tons of targeted traffic. Our team of creatives & marketing experts will give you stunning visual for your targeted audience right away.

讓您的網站排名領先 獲得更多點擊率
Be On The Top & Get More Traffic To Your Website

SMEBro is an all-round advertising agency with offices in the heart of Hong Kong, focusing on delivering optimized digital marketing result through best practice with our professional team.


We stays ahead of the curve with digital marketing trends that has us leading the pack amongst our competitors with our ability to anticipate change and innovation.


happy clients | 滿意客戶
finished projects | 成功案例
From Our Clients

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style proven by a well satisfied clients in a wide range of business.


Jason Tan photo
"Very happy with the service. They have made a great campaign for my business and our sales have doubled up!!! They are always available if you have any questions."

Jason Tan

Founder - GA Sails
Michael Cheung photo
"Very happy with SMEBro hk so far. They are extremely helpful, reply all your questions, and help you on your SEO goals from day 1 like never before. Thank you guys!"

Michael Cheung

Owner - Custom.com.hk
Rebecca Liuw photo
"Greatwork SMEBro! I saved a lot when doing SEO with them. They are very professional, and their works are tremendous. Thanks for everything, wish you all the best."

Rebecca Liuw

Co-Founder - Pillu Pillu
Cherllie Panes photo
"Thanks to SMEBro Digital Strategist who offered us excellent customer experiences and services. Detailed analytics on market information and our website activities was given."

Cherllie Panes

Managing Director - Custom.ph

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We are an experienced and talented team of passionate digital marketers who live and breathe search engine marketing.


PPC Optimization
PPC 優化

Conversions can be website sign-ups, increased revenue from transactions, increased purchases. | 通過註冊網站來優化轉化率,提高交易收入,增加下單購買量。

Ad Copywriting

We help improve B2B companies engage buyers throughout the buyers' journey using SEO. | 我們有優質的B2B公司幫您在整個方案的過程中使用SEO。
  • Optimization
  • PPC Analysis
  • Advertising
  • PPC Audit
  • Remarketing