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極速幫你註冊 香港人開內地公司

無論你是想開展大陸生意,還是想申請BUD, 我們專業團隊都可以幫你一條龍開大陸公司。簡單直接,讓你極速成立大陸公司。

No Matter your purpose of opening a company in China is to jump start a business or apply government funding, our professional team are here to help you on getting it done the right way, at the fastest speed possible.

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Virtual Office For Your Address needs to fulfill government needs

免費虛擬辦公室地址 方便開戶口

Virtual Office Arrangement
Opening China Business must have a Chinese company address. We offer virtual office address in both Shenzhen & Guangzhou, so you can get the documents you need to open your company & bank account.


開大陸公司必須要有大陸地址,我們在深圳前海及廣州各地均有虛擬辦公室,讓你極 速攞到紅本開業
Free 1 Year Management Service, Arrange bank account opening

銀行開戶 為你安排



Opening China bank account can be arranged within a day. We have excellent relationships with bank in China, so you can get your bank account setup in no time, with foreign exchange ability so you can send money legally (using exchange shop is not 100% legal in China Law) to your account in China.

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Hong Kong People Company, China Service Price

香港人速度 內地公司收費


With SME Bro, you are working with a full team of Hong Kong specialists located in Hong Kong & China. We will make your process smooth, seamless and most importantly, competitive costing against even China local companies.

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