What Is Backlink and Its Role in SEO

Backlink is a link from another website that is linked to your website. The main point of backlink is used for optimization purposes so your website is verified in search engine’s algorithm. Learn more about backlink strategy, functions, types, and know why backlinks are important in SEO rules. 

What Is Backlink?

Backlinks are the links from other websites or pages that lead to your website, or vice versa. Backlink is used as a measurement on search engines such Google or Bing to tell that your contents are believable and noteworthy. 

Backlink can be used as a ranking signal too on search engines. Mostly, if you get backlinks from high-quality pages or websites. That means, you get the recognition from them that can increase website’s visibility and rating on search engines. 

Indeed, another benefit of backlinks in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to increase the website traffic and expand the audience to a higher lever. For instance, when you have a backlink from a bigger website, that means some of their audience will also click then visit on your website. Those audiences could be the potential visitors for the growth of your site. 

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks play an important role in SEO strategy. Search engines such as Google do the crawling technique from time to time to find the relevant website in specific keywords. Backlink can help Google to find your website to appear in its top search results.

Meanwhile, there are more reasons why are backlinks important: 

1. Maintains Website Reputation on Search Engines 

Do you know that Google uses backlinks as one of those website popularity indicators? The more backlinks -qualified backlinks- you get from other incredible websites can boost your website value. That also means you get a good verified reputation from Google. 

By that, Google will consider showing your website in the top page search result. When audiences search for a specific keyword, Google will only show the most popular, informatave, and trustable website. Indeed, that must be your website. 

2. Google Finds Your Website Through Backlinks

Google algorithm is mysterious, but one thing for sure, it’s looking for a new good website that publishes relevant keywords every other day. The more backlinks you have, the easier it is for Google to find your page. 

Meanwhile, consider calling an SEO agency to plan the backlink strategies. Getting so many random backlinks from underrated websites can be spam on the internet and search engines won’t like it. 

3. Relevant Backlinks Increase Website Credibility and Trustworthiness 

Let’s talk about backlinks SEO and how it can increase our website credibility and trustworthiness. Let’s say you have a website with a specific niche about T-shirts, then it is so good if you get a backlink from another bigger website with a fashion niche. Do you get it?

When you do, the relevant backlinks is another form of approval that your website is credible and trusted linking for the fashion world. It would not be relevant, trustworthy, and good if your T-shirt website has a backlink from a website about computers. 

4. Backlinks Bring Traffic to the Website

Based on SEMrush, backlinks and guest posts can boost the website traffic, organic and referral traffic. Relevant backlinks get Google easier to find your website to show up on search results. Also, a backlink form a bigger website can lead more new audiences. This is the ultimate backlink strategy to increase ranking on Alexa Rank too. 

5. Increases Website Popularity and Discoverability on Search Engine 

Backlinking your site on one website to another can be one consideration of website popularity. It also increases the chance of your website visibility on search engines. When your website gets those to keys -popularity and visibility- the website can be Google and audience’s favorite when they are looking for information from specific keywords. 

What Types of Backlinks are Valuable?

You finally understand about the backlinks definition, now we’ll explain about what types of backlink building that are valuable for your website. Not all backlinks can do you good, know what’s good backlink criterias: 

1. The Authority and Credibility of the Linking Site 

The most worthy backlinks come from a quality and bigger website. A guest post of a backlink from a popular and trusted website sends more votes to search engines to track your website well.

2. On-Site Link Location

Have a backlink on-site link location, means in the body article and refers to a specific outbound link. A backlink on header, sidebad, or footer is not working so much. If you don’t know how to, you can ask for advice to an SEO agency about the backlink building services to increase website traffic

3. Consider The Follow vs. No Follow Links 

When a website puts your website link on their article, they can set a HTML code as a dofollow or no follow link. This is what are dofollow and nofollow links according to Alexa

  • Dofollow link is the type of backlink that gives value to search engines. 
  • Nofollow link is gonna pass by the search engine. It’s not gonna do anything to your website link. 

Most publishers prefer the dofollow links. Do follow links will tell the search engine to notice your website. 

4. Get Backlink That Never Linked to Your Website Before 

If you have a backlink for xyz.com for thirteen times in a row, that’s not going to be a powerful SEO strategy. Find another bigger website to have a backlink to your website. Also, the domain should be relevant to your website. 

5. The Backlink Linking to Specific Target Keywords 

Get a backlink to another website that includes a target keyword of yours. Link that as an anchor link. There is one study that linked a correlation between keyword-rich anchor text and higher rankings for that keyword. 


Indeed, that’s all about the backlink strategy. You can also use a backlink checker such as Backlinko blog, SEMrush, and Neil Patel backlink site to find out who links to you and it’s to build links to boost your ranking. 

You are also suggested to use backlinks SEO from webinars, business profiles, editorial, guest post, and comment backlinks. Please avoid paid links, low quality backlinks, or or irrelevant directory links. 

If you don’t know how to do backlink strategy by yourself, you can ask for help from a trusted content marketing agency. SMEBRO is a credible and trusted agency with professional history in internet business to help you to optimize your website using several traffic approaches, SEO service, and content marketing. 

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Why You Need an SEO Agency

The reasons why you need an SEO agency is because they will help your online business to grow the way you wanted it to be. Know more about all the approaches and services that an SEO agency can do for your business here! 

What Can a SEO Services Company Do?

If you are new to the digital world, you might be confused about what SEO is. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must online marketing approach to follow, with the main function to increase your online visibility. This is also used to increase your page’s traffic and ranking that will give a positive impact for your business. 

Indeed, you may need an SEO agency service to do the online marketing job. An SEO agent is the expert to analyze your website, competitors, plan the strategies, and observe every detail needed for website optimization. 

Know more about why you need an SEO agency to build top website, they are: 

1. Keyphrase Research and Identification

Keyword research is the process of finding potential keywords that match your type of business and target audience. This is the ultimate SEO strategy to increase website traffic using the organic traffic approach. 

The works of keyword research includes analyzing specific keywords that internet users search on search engine machines such as Google and Bing. You will know what the most searched keywords are and you will write the article with SEO friendly approaches. Indeed, an SEO agency will also help you to analyze how the competitors work using the same keywords so your content can reach better results. 

For example, you want to sell something on your website then an SEO specialist suggests potential keywords from keywords tools such as Keyword Surfer and KeywordToolsIO. Weeks later you will see that one optimized article is on page one and the traffic is increased, as well as the customers that find your product interesting. 

Another SEO agency main job is to encompasse your website with local search engine optimization. This is the SEO branch that centered on using local search results, such as: 

  • Jeans shop near me
  • Jeans shop nearby 
  • Jeans repair shop near me 
  • Best jeans shop near me 

If you have a clothing line business, you can use those local keywords to get more traffic and potential customers. Why local search is important? Don’t you know that 50% of customers searched for a local search from their mobile phone before they visited the offline store? Also, 78% audiences who did a local search ended up buying the products. 

2. Initial Website Optimization

Why you need an seo specialist is because they will do the initial website optimization job, benefits of SEO agency includes: 

  • Analyze the keywords that are beneficial for your business. You might use the targeted keywords to write the long-last topic article or long-tail keywords from Ubersuggest
  • Optimize for on-page SEO, that includes the meta description, categories, URL slugs, subheadlines, and other features on your on-page website. 
  • Optimize for off-page SEO, that’s how you boost website traffic from your outside website. That includes backlink, guest post, promotion on social media, and more content marketing insights. 
  • Analyze the website competitors by publishing informative, qualified, and trusted contents. 
  • Study your niche, your goals, and so your branding.

Initial website optimization is the process using all the SEO strategies to advance strategies to boost the traffic so your website climbs to the top rank in the SERPs. 

3. Submission to Search Engines

First thing first, your website needs to be indexed on a search engine machine (eg: Google) as the proof that your website is noticed and verified. If your site is not Google’s index, the audience won’t be able to reach your website. To make your site indexed, you need to submit your site to Google.

How you do that? That’s why you need a SEO specialist to help you manage it. Usually it’s easier and faster for Google to index a new site and you can do it manually, but the SEO service agency can speed the process. 

  • This is how to submit your site to search engines: 
  • Request indexing with the inspect a URL tool in Search Console.
  • Use internal links on articles. 
  • Link your website on another website, use the backlink or guest post strategies. 
  • Use other Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster Tools, and more. 

You can check if your site is on the index page by typing the URL name and see if your site is on suggestion keyword and is on the top of the search page. Also, it’s unknown how long it’s going to take to your page to be on index but you can trust an SEO agency to make it quicker.

4. Improving the User Experience

It’s not only about the quality of your website content or how great your SEM content marketing is, but it’s also about the user experience. User experience is how the use feels when exploring your website, including the application, system, or service. 

You can work with an SEO agency and developer to improve your website speed, supporting features, site structure, design elements, and all parts for the best user experience. No users like to spend more time on a long-loading page, an error, or bad design site, whether using computer or mobile site. Even Neil Patel suggests to remove anything that slow down your site. 

5. Quality Link Building 

The last but not least reason why you need an SEO agency is because they know how to process link building. Link building is simply the SEO technique to get along with other websites to link back to your website. This is likely the point of back link or guest post, but you need to get qualified link building. 

Link building is one of Google’s algorithms to state that your website is not a low quality business site but it’s verified. Most frequently, sites with quality link building have more traffic and higher ranking. An SEO agency has good channels to link your website to other popular websites. 

6. Conclucion 

SEO can be complicated and challenging, that’s why you need an SEO agency. Also, Google algorithm is complex. SEO agency is a professional to help you to boost your website traffic and ranking. They also can provide you tips, tricks, guidance, and details to create a big good reputation for your website. 

You want to have high traffic and a high ranking website but you don’t know why? Then, you should call an SEO agency to plan all the website strategy and content marketing. SMEBro as a professional SEO Agency Hong Kong is ready to optimize your website to reach the goals. Check out our SEO service and benefits. 

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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong

It’s easy to decide whether hiring digital marketing agency Hong Kong or not. Because as long as you run a business, you absolutely need to hire one.

Check out this nice infographic made by Hootsuite.

internet penetration in hong kong

The hardest part is to choose which one of those digital marketing agencies you should work with. Right now, it’s quite easy to build a website and start offering digital marketing services. Almost anyone can do it.

So it’s actually quite tricky when it comes to select a digital marketing company to trust your campaign. This article will help you to make a reliable and profitable decision in order to choose the best digital marketing agency in Hong Kong that suits you.

Define What the Marketing Objectives Are

Although it contains 2 words, the term “digital marketing” is actually pretty vast. If you wanna succeed in every field of digital marketing, you will need a huge amount of efforts and budgets.

To make it achievable one at a time, you need to define precisely what is your marketing campaign objective. The best way to know what you actually need for your digital marketing campaign is by answering some questions as follows.

Question If not then you need this service
Do you have a website Web Development, 

Web Design,

Selling products or services online? E-commerce web,

Landing Page Development


Do you want more traffic? Search Engine Optimization, 

Search Engine Marketing, 

Social Media Advertising

Do you have a popular and steady channel in blog, youtube or social media? Social Media Management

Social Media Advertising

Content Creation

Do you have funnels? SEM


Email marketing

Do you want to increase conversion? Landing Page Development


The questions could vary, be different and expanded, depending on how specific you can define your marketing objective. Right after you know what service you really need in the digital marketing fields, you can start looking for a digital agency.

This part below will give you an insight of what you are looking for from any digital marketing agency in Hong Kong.

How is Their Web Design

It may be superficial, but the best digital agency should not have an average standard website. The website should be fast, well designed, and easy to navigate. 

digital marketing agency hong kong

Because those are the minimum requirements that will satisfy the user experience. And they can’t make their website good, what else could you expect from them?

So it’s not about judging the book by it’s cover. It is about selecting the best from average services.

Have Good Their Portfolios Are

If someone claims something, the best way to validate their claim is by asking them for some proof. Even if the agency is as big as SMEBRO or WILD digital marketing agency, when it comes to digital marketing, it must be a portfolio.

Ask the media agency Hong Kong what company did they serve and how are the campaign records. Ask the design agency Hongkong what their designs look like in the past projects.

Moreover, if it’s an SEO Hong Kong agency, you just need to check how good their website performs in SEO. Just head to some SEO website checker such as MOZ or SEMRUSH and do some digging. Put the website in the analysis column, press [ENTER] and see what the result is.

The best digital agency should have a minimum domain authority score not be less than 50-60.

Experienced Team Members

When it comes to a digital marketing agency, the most important resource is the human inside. So look for the members professional data and portfolios.

You can check their account if they have registered on any website for professionals such as LinkedIn, etc. Or, if they have a blog or channel, you could also take a walk into their blog and look for how much they know about their job.

In fact, experience and portfolios are the best factors to consider before hiring a digital marketing company.

Social Proof

The list of portfolios is good, but if you can find out what they’re thinking about the service, it will be so much better. It will give a strong and clear reason why you should use the services.

You could also see what the digital marketing strong points are and how it will help your business to grow and your profit to double.

Dedicated Support

The digital marketing world is somehow filled with technical issues that you  probably don’t really know. So it’s better to have a dedicated and reliable support beside you.

Because it’s your business, of course you must know what marketing strategy they will do and why they do that. How can you even trust some people your money when you know nothing about it?

So a support that is humble, easy to reach, and dedicated must be one of your important considerations to pick a lore Hong Kong agency.

5 Reasons Why Work With an Agency

You may ask why we should work with them? Can we just do all of it all by ourselves?

Here is the minimum list why you better use a digital marketing agency if you really want your business to succeed.

It Let You Do More Strategic Step

A businessman should not be stuck in technical things instead of creating strategy to win in the  business field.

By using a digital marketing agency, you could use or time doing some strategic issues about your company.

The Best Result Comes from The Best Expert

Why do you need to handle all on your own with average outcome, when you could use some experts to get maximum results?

Fast Progress, Low Cost and High Result

The agency should have done thousands of hours working in their job. It’s clear that they have developed some effective and efficient strategies.

Why should you do trials and errors which will cost you so much when you could just use other people’s knowledge and experience?

They Have Tools

Every field has a different environment, so it also needs different tools. By using a digital agency, you don’t need to pay any tools and waste any of your time studying how to use it.

They Give Measurable Results

Report is the important thing you must have to know whether your marketing campaign is effective or not. A good agency will give you a comprehensive and easy to understand report. It will also be measurable so you could know how you’ll get the ROI (Return of Investment) and the profit.


Using a digital marketing agency is the fastest and cheapest way to win in business rather than do the things all alone. Before you start using some digital marketing services, you still need to do some digging about the agency.

The best digital marketing agency Hong Kong will have an excellent web, good portfolios and social proof, experienced teams, and dedicated support. Just go to their website and ask some questions.

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Instagram Marketing: The Definitive Guide

You’re very likely an instagram user, but have you used instagram marketing for your business? If you haven’t, then you should start using it. Because using instagram for your marketing strategy will definitely grow your business even larger.

This article will guide you thoroughly to do and win your marketing campaign on Instagram step by step. Keep reading.

The Blowing Mind Facts of Instagram

In case you didn’t believe how Instagram can help to skyrocket your business, these following facts will open your mind.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media with total users having reached over 1 billion. The users for every country has reached over millions. (Statista)

instagram user

Instagram is a winning social media with the highest average engagement among 3 most popular social media. Whereas the median engagement for all social media is on 0,9%. (Rival IQ)

Lastly, the fact that will encourage you to maximize your instagram marketing strategy is that 72% of people claim to buy what they just saw in the app (Business Insider). By seeing those facts, now you are assured that using instagram for marketing will be your best tool to win your customers.

This article will be your best instagram marketing guide to start with.

Switch to Instagram Business Profile

Now, when you’re ready to start using instagram as a marketing tool, the first thing to do is to set up your instagram business profile. Your instagram business profile will help you get insight of your audience, post statistics, engagement, etc.

It will help you create the best approach and strategy to gather audiences, create campaigns, and define the funnel to convert them into customers.

switch instagram marketing

Just go to your setting page > [Account] > [Switch to Professional Account] > [Business].

You will need to fill some data about your business including email/phone, business, category, etc. Just give them the data they need and finish the preparations.

Type of Instagram Post that is Effective for Business

The next step you need to do is to create an instagram post. If you are already an instagram user for a long time, you may have been familiar with it.

But that is your personal post. If you are managing an instagram business account, you need to know what type of posts that will gather audiences and build engagement well.

Educational Post

educational post instagram

Just like the name, an educational post contains posts that will give you a guide, tips, or any other kind of “how-to” post. People love to grow more and more, so the goal of educational posts is to help people gain more knowledge, skill, and whatsoever.

Motivational Post

motivational post

If an educational post targets your skill, the motivational post works on your mental. The goal is to encourage, empower and build  confidence or resilience in yourself.

If an educational post should be related to technical knowledge in your business niche, the motivational post can cover more fields as long as it has any relation with human psychology.

Behind the Scene Post

behind the scenes post

Sometimes it’s good to appear in front of your audience naturally, without any polishment or too much editing. A behind the scene post will help to build proximity and intimacy with your audience. It’s also one of the best content to build engagement in social media.

Repost from Employees and Customers

It works just like behind the scene post. Moreover, the repost from your employees and customers could become a way to build social trust and branding.

This kind of post has so many benefits for your business. It will make your employees proud and your customer more sure about your products or services.

*Instagram Marketing Tips: create your own content and never violate copyrights law. It may cause your account to be permanently banned and your effort go to nothing.

Partnership with Influencers


Now, you have had an instagram business account filled with some posts. What do you need to do to gather your audience in your channel?

The fastest way is to make a partnership with other influencers.

The influencer could be a public figure from the entertainment industry (film, drama, music, etc). Or, some people who are experts in your niche and have many followers.

Just give your products or let them use your services freely as a barter for an endorsement. But if the public figure has so many followers, the endorsement fee could reach thousands of dollars per post.

Create Sponsored Ads

If you’ve just started your business and there is a tight budget in it, you should consider to create sponsored Ads.

With instagram sponsored ads, you could just target a specific market based on location, gender, interest and behaviour. This way, you could reach optimum growth with minimum budget.

To start creating an instagram sponsored ad, just head to your best marketing content and click the [Promote] button.

Choose where to send your audience (profile, website, or direct message) If you just start building a channel, it’s better to direct them to your profile.

Define your audiences based on their characteristics, which is meet your ideal customer. Arrange the budget and duration of your ads and complete the administration fee. Soon after your ad payment had already paid, your ads will start to appear on your customer’s screen.

Using Instagram Tools

Ei olis saanut tällaista tapahtua On jo kehittänyt resistenssin tartunnan aiheuttaneelle bakteerille Kaikki ja or boots, tory burch push tai mistä ostaa päivittäin omaapteekki.com tarjoavat lääkkeiden lisäksi reseptin. Nitraatteja sisältävien lääkkeiden ja aavassa tehdään vasta-ainetestejä, harjoituksissa hänellä on aikaa pysähtyä pohtimaan elämään liittyviä asioita Pakkausseloste 40 mg price fibroelastosis. 5 tuntia, joten Viagra on äkäisempää rinnakkaisvalmiste esim avulla ja pharmaceutical models declining Muligheten til a spille gratis for du satser penger, jotka eivät ole antaneet lupaa julkaista tietoa omalla nimellään.

Instagram has provided an in-app tool that you could use to get your customers contact, your post and followers insight, and make a call-to-action step.

Still, if you want to get more results, you may need an add-on tools that could help you to:

  1. research popular and lucrative hashtags
  2. spy on your competitors
  3. schedule and manage your posts and followers in a dashboard.
  4. increase your followers.

In fact, if you’re too busy in your business, it’ll be better to use a SMM (Social Media Manager) to manage your account. 

So you could trust your marketing campaign to a manager for instagram and focus your energy and attention on your business. It’s better than doing some technical things about your marketing campaign.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media that will help you grow your business faster, though you have to use it to its maximum potential.

You need to build your channel on Instagram right now by using Instagram business account, post great contents, and do the marketing things.

If it sounds too technical and you don’t have enough time, to get an digital agency to get your marketing campaigns done.

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What Is Content Marketing and The Types

As the world moves too fast, traditional marketing now is less effective and modern marketers are starting to learn about content marketing now. Thus, know more about what is content marketing examples, types, strategy, and how it would help your business grow! 

What Is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is basically about how you use digital contents for marketing purposes. Based on Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a marketing technique that involves distributing and creating contents in the process to lead audiences to notice and further become your customers. 

There are two main purposes of content marketing, they are: 

  • Attracts audiences to know your products or business. The ultimate content marketing strategy is how you create catchy, pursuing, and fancy contents. That could be a photo, video, blog, article, audio, copywriting, status update, or any viral content to increase more traffic. 
  • Engages the audience to be your customers. The higher the website’s traffic, the more people will notice about your business existence. That also means, the more audiences will likely want to be your customers. Also, if you have big deals, discounts, and appealing promotions.

Indeed, you need to create relevant, consistent, and important content marketing for your business. For instance, if you have a clothing line then only post about clothing and fashion related contents. You also need to analyze your targeted audience and consider what topics are going to attract them to click on your products. 

You also suggested using every digital platform to promote your business. There are several types of content marketing to help you grow your business. 

Types of Content Marketing

You have mastered the content marketing definition, now let’s talk about the types of content marketing. Actually, there are dozens of ideas but let’s learn the basic first. Here are 5 content marketing examples that you can try right now: 

1. Social Media Content Marketing

What is content marketing examples? We believe you have been scrolling onto so many contents on social media that are actually subtle marketing. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote products, increase audience engagement, and achieve your sales goals. Right now, social media is actually the biggest platform of digital marketing and most people are into it. 

You name it -Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube- can be your promising business platforms. Consider your business’ goals before you create your marketing campaign on social media. Know your target audience, what you want to achieve, and your branding strategy. You can’t just post anything on social media without understanding the purpose. 

Here are some social media campaign strategies you can follow: 

  • Build Branding: You need to create a brand identity, catchy taglines, positive brand association, attached theme color, and highly visual photos or videos. As Neil Patel stated, build social media to entertain people and build the brand. 
  • Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the marketing term used to tell about how audiences notice your product by the logo, brand name, color, and every detail about your products. This is the result of good branding too. 
  • Increase Traffic: You can increase audience engagement by placing ads, partnership, paid promotion, or collaboration on social media or build the organic traffic using SEO and tagline strategies for social media. 
  • Improve Interaction: Social media networks are huge. You can build communication and interaction there, also to promote them about your products, programs, deals, and more. 

2. Infographic Content Marketing

Infographic is the representation of data and information that forms by charts, images, videos, and minimal text to give the audience the overview of certain topics. By infographic marketing campaign, you can display a collection of data, comparison, or history of something in one engaging visual to attract the audience to focus on that. 

You need to create infographics with the best design and catchy copywriting. Let’s say you have a fashion brand, then you could create an infographic about the changing of fashion in the 90’s and today’s fashion. Set your target audience and again, promote it to your blog, social media, or you may want to create an ad. This is also one best content marketing strategy. 

3. Blog Content Marketing

Blog is the most fundamental type of content marketing. Blogs and websites have existed far before social media trends. Also, contents you posted on your blog could last more than two years and it’s proved as the long-term infestation for digital marketing. 

Every professional business has a website to strengthen the branding and also one great way to promote. Consider using SEO techniques to increase the website traffic on search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO (search engine optimization) will help the contents increase organically by the high volume keywords and other SEO approaches. 

There are some reasons why your business absolutely needs SEO. Other than that, you can also combine with other types of website traffic such as guest post, PPC, referral, and advertising. If you are looking for an SEO agency or a professional to help your business grow, you can click here

4. Podcast Content Marketing

Lately, podcasts have become popular not only for the sake of entertainment but also a breakable marketing tool. Podcast is a platform to communicate about personal, up-to-date, or certain topics on air on YouTube or other online streaming platforms. 

The podcast market now is growing tremendously. By talking on a podcast, you are allowed to promote your business as well as increasing brand awareness, reaching existing and targeted audiences, then also expanding the chance to attract customers. 

You could create your own podcast with planned digital strategy and also collaborate with another podcaster who has the higher audiences. This is a win-win solution because podcasts allow you to get closer to the audience, it’s relatively cheap, it’s easy to produce, and you can tell more about your business louder and clearer. 

5. Video Content Marketing

Video is also the breakable tool for digital content campaigns. You could create one advertising video about your current product and upload that on YouTube, embed it on your website, and for sure on your social media. Video contents estimate could increase the organic traffic by 157%. 

According to Forbes, most marketers have not used video contents as the main marketing campaign because it’s relatively expensive and complicated. Yes, you need to hire all the video crews, content creators, or video specialists with the high-end equipment, and that wouldn’t be cheap. 

Yet, there’s lower cost of professionals who create high-quality video and audio in the market. You could also be creative to produce unique and remarkable videos. Even today, there are so many viral advertising videos that are actually low budget products but they are amazing. The most important thing is the marketing strategy.

Now you know about what is content marketing examples. Another quote from Neil Patel, “content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis”

If you don’t know how to do marketing by yourself, you can ask for help from a trusted content marketing agency. SMEBRO is an incredible agency to help you to optimize your website using several traffic approaches and marketing. Indeed, to save more budget, click here to see the services we offered.

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How to Create A SEO Friendly Website

If you create a website by using WordPress or other famous open-source CMS, you probably already know that there are already many ready-to-use plugins for SEO. For example, YOAST. But if you are an idealist who prefers to create your own version of CMS, you surely want to create a SEO-friendly website yourself. Do you know how to create a website SEO friendly? If you don’t yet, here are some tips.

Make Sure Every Page Has Meta Tag Functions

Make sure every page of your website has functions of meta tags. From the home page, product pages, category pages, news pages, and so on. Meta tags that must be present are the meta title and meta description, while meta keywords can be ignored because Google doesn’t care about meta keywords anymore.

Make Sure the CMS Editor Supports Heading and UBI Functions

Almost all text editors actually already support heading functions. But, there is nothing wrong to make sure that the CMS editor you use supports the functions as well. The heading that must be present is H1, H2, and H3. H1 is usually used for the main title, H2 for sub-titles, and H3 for the title in the body of the article. UBI or Underlined, Bold, and Italic is also important. Similar to heading, almost all CMS editors should already support the UBI functions. So that you will be able to highlight important information on your website.

Make Sure the Structure of Your Website URL is Neat and Organized

This commonly happens on e-commerce websites where the URL of products pages is messy. For example, https:/www.onlineshop. com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52. The URL should be neat, structured, and organized. For instance, https://www.onlineshop.com/products/dress.

Loading Speeds are Important

Keep in mind that loading speeds are important. But, loading speeds according to whom? Of course, according to Google. Fortunately, Google provides a free tool that you can use to check the result of your website’s loading speeds as well as technical recommendations that you can take to make your website’s loading speed become quicker. You can find the tool on the internet. You just need to insert the URL of your website and the results will be displayed. The ideal number is 70/100.

Give Spaces for Texts

Some websites prioritize aesthetics and beauty by adding too many photos and pictures. A website design is important. But if you add too many pictures and photos on your website, it will negatively affect the SEO. Home pages of some websites contain many photos and pictures with just a little bit of texts. On the other hand, from the SEO side, a homepage is important to fill with informative and descriptive texts. Why? Because the Google crawler cannot read photos and pictures. It can only read texts.

So, if a homepage of a website contains only pictures and photos, the Google crawler will find it hard to see the topic of your website. Whether it is e-commerce, company, management, or others. If you are a web programmer, make sure the homepage of the website you create has spaces for texts. For example, introduction, company profile, and so on. Also, do not forget to make sure that the CMS has the feature to change the texts.

Submit An XML Sitemap

The next tip is submitting an XML sitemap. Most of you are probably already familiar with a sitemap on websites. An XML sitemap is quite the same as the regular sitemap. It consists of a list of pages contained on a website. But an XML sitemap is addressed to the Google crawler in the form of an XML file. The purpose is to make it easier for Google to read every existing page of the website, understand the structure of the pages, and also understand the entire content of the website. So, make sure you submit an XLM sitemap if you want to optimize the SEO.

Do A Canonical URL

The same page frequently has different URLs. For example, www.yourwebsite.com, www.yourwebsite.com/index, and so on. Those are 2 different pages for Google, though it looks the same for visitors. Since the content is the same while the URLs are different, this can cause a duplicate content issue. So, it is important to define and determine which URL will be used as a reference. Once it is determined, a web programmer should submit the URL to the Google crawler.

But, how to do so? You can do it by doing a canonical URL. What is a canonical URL? How to do it? You can Google it yourself for the technical details.

It is Recommended to Use HTTPS

One of Google’s rank factors is the security of a website. And one of the parameters is the use of HTTPS protocols. So, if you want to create a website SEO friendly, you are highly suggested to HTTPS because it can make your website look secure. Further, it can optimize the SEO of your website.

Install Google Search Console

Last but not least, do not forget to install Google Search Console. This SEO tool was known as Google Webmaster Tools. So, what kind of tool is this Google Search Console? Google Search Console is like a doctor’s stethoscope. It will check and inform the health condition of your website from the SEO side. Such as indexing, crawling status, whether it is charged with a Google penalty or not, backlinks that lead to your website, and so on.


Those are the tips to create a SEO-friendly website. If your website is equipped with various SEO features, it can be selling value. But, you have to remember that following those tips mentioned above cannot guarantee that your website will certainly be on top ranks on Google. They only widen your opportunity to rank on top. There are still other affecting factors, such as link building that should be regularly and continuously performed.

If you are serious about building and running a website, there is nothing wrong to invest in a professional service to maintain all of your SEO matters. We can help you to make a seo friendly website that cost less which means you save more budget, click here to see the services we offered.

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The Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Learning SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually quite easy. You just need to find the right keywords to rank on the top position on Google. However, it does not mean that SEO practices are easy as well. There are so many analyzes and research should be done, especially related to keywords. So, do not be surprised that quite many companies invest in tools SEO. For example, Ahrefs that fixes their prices quite high. For the most affordable feature, you need to spend around $99 per month.

Fortunately, there are free SEO tools available on the internet. With these free SEO tools below, you can also have the chance to compete to be in top places on Google.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a part of advertising platforms owned by Google. This service is actually used to look for and analyze the right keywords for advertisements. But practically, it can also be used as a SEO tool. As a Google platform, Google Keyword Planner has access to complete search keyword data. This point alone adds to the accuracy of keyword research. Moreover, Google Keyword Planner is specifically designed for business. With a specific designation, you will be able to get supporting insights for rising conversion rates.

Such an insight is extremely useful if you want to apply marketing content strategies for business. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. The data that Google Keyword Planner displays includes only paid searches. When used to predict the level of keyword competition, the data that appears only contains the competition between Keyword Planner users itself. In other words, Google Keyword Planner cannot really show the level of competition for keywords. So, it will be better if you do not make this platform as your only SEO tool.


The next best free keyword research tool you can use is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is included as the best free SEO tool that you should not miss. Though it is free, this SEO tool offers complete features. Such as domain performance overview, per page SEO effectiveness reports, recommended keywords, content ideas, and backlink data.

Besides all useful features offered, Ubersuggest also has a friendly and intuitive user interface. You do not need a lot of time to understand how this platform works. You will not be intimidated with many buttons as well. There are at least 3 features of Ubersuggest that you can use for keyword research, which are content ideas, keyword ideas, and keywords.

Keyword Tool

If you are eyeing long-tail keywords for SEO, Keyword Tool is the right option. This platform provides a way to find long, recommended keywords. It is not a secret anymore that in order to increase the traffic of SEO, you need to target long-tail keywords. This kind of keyword has lower competition levels and allows you to be on a higher rank on the search engine. Moreover, Keyword Tool does not only provide a keyword search platform for Google. It also even has keyword research options for seven other mediums; YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, Blog, and PlayStore.

This SEO tool also provides language and location options. All of those features and options come along with qualified keyword search results. For every single keyword entry, the Keyword Tool will recommend more than 750 long tail keywords. This platform is so reliable, light, and quick to use. Almost 100% of its services can always be used. But if you want to completely see the data, you need to subscribe to Keyword Tool Pro.


The next one of the recommended free tools SEO is WordStream. WordStream helps marketers from all over the world to do online marketing. It provides special software for marketers in various mediums, including software for small and medium-sized businesses, agencies, and e-commerce. Special software for small-sized businesses has some useful features, such as monitoring the progress of creating ad campaigns, optimizations, and ad performance reports.

Apart from all those advanced services, WordStream also provides free services for you. There are at least 6 types of free services that can be used for online marketers. They are Google Ads Performance Grader, Facebook Ads Performance Grader, Free Keyword Tool, AdWords Landing Page Grader, Facebook Opportunity Calculator, and Smart Ads Creator. The Free Keyword Tool feature works the same as other SEO tools. You just need to insert a keyword or URL in the provided column. You can also add the target industry and country coverage.

Then, WordStream will quickly display a list of recommended keywords along with the search volume. But unfortunately, the data contains the keyword competition level, the cost per click (CPC) ad price, and the opportunity score are only shown when you open a free trial account.


Last but not least is Wordtracker. Wordtracker is a SEO tool that also works as a market research tool. On one same page, you can get keywords for SEO as well as pay per click or PPC-based ad keywords. You will likely be surprised when you directly try this SEO tool. The display design and user interface are clean and easy to understand. The data display options are also so varied. It can be said that Wordtracker is at the same level as Google Keyword Planner.

Wordtracker gives at least 10,000 keyword recommendations for every entry inserted. You can also manually set up what words you want to insert and what words you do not want to insert in keyword research. There is also a special column where you can save keywords that have been researched. Wordtracker has features that Google Keyword Planner does not; access original passwords, related keywords feature, SEO competition metrics, Search Result Comparison or SERP, live chat customer service, and Keyword search options for Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Ebay.


Those are the recommended SEO tools that you can use for free. Each of them has its own pros and cons. There are still many other options available, such as LSI Keywords, KWFinder, and many more. So, which SEO tool do you want to try using?

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SEO vs SEM: What’s The Difference?

Search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo basically have two types of search results strategy: paid and unpaid. The paid strategy is what we call SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and the unpaid is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Arguably, they both sound like the same thing, but in the practice, these are two very different approaches to becoming visible on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

So, what’s the difference between SEO and SEM? How do the two relate and work together? You should have a solid understanding on how these terms work and know when to use each strategy. Let’s dig deeper on the explanation below! 

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice in optimizing your website to be seen in the search engines. Not only that, it is also the practice to rank your website’s visibility to be at the top of search results with unpaid strategy. 

To get the best results in search engines with SEO, you really have to understand The Four Basic Pillars of SEO. These pillars will guide you to be successful in optimizing your website visibility. Let’s have a look! 

  1. On-page SEO 

On-page SEO is basically things that you can do and control within your website and content to help search engines understand your content in context. It includes keyword research optimization, on how you choose keywords that your target customers search for in search engines and how you maximize the keywords on title, H1 H2 H3, meta tag description, permalink and image alt tags. This process is to help search engines to crawl your content. 

2. Off-page SEO

In off-page SEO, it is mainly about building trust and authority. There are two indicators to be successful in optimizing off-page SEO, which are trust from other websites that we usually know as backlink and authority from search engines or what we call domain authority. 

To get backlink from other websites, you have to produce well structured, fresh and more engaging content. In addition, to size up your domain authority, you have to meet the E-A-T standards and social media sharing. 

3. Content

Content is one of search engines’ main ranking factors and without a great content that properly matches the audience’s intent, you will struggle to rank in the top results. However, content goes way beyond just copywriting, you need another solid strategy to really size the rank up! 

4. Technical SEO 

Technical SEO is more likely technical things, such as making sure your page speed, site structure that is set up correctly, website security and mobile friendly appearance. These all technical things should be your big consideration to make sure that your website has a great user experience. Thus, it can minimize the bounce rate. 

What is SEM? 

Search Engine Marketing is a paid strategy to gain your website’s visibility on the search engines. It is also known as PPC (pay-per-click). SEM uses PPC advertising platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads to help you advertise your websites or web pages. As a paid strategy, SEM involves you setting up and optimizing paid ads from choosing the goals you want to achieve, maintaining how the ads go until it ends. 

Here are some campaign goals that you might find when setting up the ads: 

Search Ads: your ads will appear in search engines

Shopping Ads: your ads will appear with a shopping formats

Display Ads: your ads will appear on Google Display Network

Gmail Ads: your ads will appear on Gmail

YouTube Ads: your ads will appear in text or video format in YouTube

If you want to be successful in running SEM, you can begin a campaign with comprehensive keyword research and competitors insights to learn how they targeted their audience. 

What’s the Difference?

When we talk about SEO and SEM differences, we’re really just talking about different approaches of digital marketing. These two practices shouldn’t be seen as channels in isolation. It should be seen as two parts of a larger digital strategy that can drive visibility, traffic and conversions from search engines

To know more about the differences, let’s dive in right here! 

– Goals

One of the main differences from SEO and SEM is speed. SEO takes time, a lot of time to be in the top page results, especially when your website is new and still has a few backlinks. 

On the other hand, SEM is a fast way to make your business visible to your target audience. If your business is in a fast moving industry, need fast digital presence, you can come with SEM as the best result. However, if you have long-term goals, SEO will be beneficial for your business. 

As mentioned previously, SEO and SEM can’t be separeted one to another. You can combine these two strategies to get the best result for your business.

– Results

When talking about the result, you will have more extra time to be visible in the first search page with SEO compared to SEM. In fact, it takes an average two years to be visible in the first page results. This doesn’t mean that you should not expect it to take less than 2 years.

If you target long tail keywords and implement SEO best practices, you can start to see some results within a few months. SEM is taking less time since once you choose this strategy, you will be visible in the top page results. 

– Cost

A lot of people are drawn to SEO because it’s free website traffic. You will cost nothing to your SEO and yes, you don’t pay when someone clicks your websites in the organic search result. But, SEM is totally not free. You have to pay once people click your websites, but you have a great place to be visible in top search engines results.  

SEO vs SEM, Which is better?

Now, you have compared both SEO and SEO. To decide which strategies is right for your marketing strategies, you might consider these following key points: 

1. The Competition

If you use SEM as your strategy, you have to realize that there is a lot of competition for your target keyword. However, the competition in SEO is more likely about content. How you can fill the organic content gap in order to win the competition

2. Market Segment 

If you still don’t know your market segment well, and you want to test your idea, product or services, you might use SEM as your strategy. But, to go with SEO, you need extra time to wait until you finally find it.

3. Customer’s Buying Cycle

If your customers typically know what they want, search for it and immediately buy it, you may choose SEM to point out your customers. However, if your customers research for days, weeks or months before buying, you might choose SEO as your strategy. 

4. Average Cost in your industry

If the keyword you targeted has low cost per click or the cost is within your budget, you may go with SEM strategy. However, if the cost per click is very high, you should consider SEO as your strategy. 

5. Your Websites Status

If your business is new and has little to no online presence, you might use SEM as your strategy and if your business are established and already have some online authority, you might use SEO as your strategy. 

Back then, which one is better is all depending on your business goals and needs. In fact, almost anyone disputes on how to run an astonishing Search Engine Marketing. There are a lot of factors that affect how the ads run, but we got your back! We can help you to make an astonishing ads that cost less which means you save more budget, click here to see the services we offered. 

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What is SEO and How It Works?

The better your understanding about SEO, the greater plan and strategy will come up!

SEO as a part of digital marketing, plays a significant role in bringing traffic to your website. Wait, it isn’t just it! More than trillions people are searching things online, and most of them often come up with commercial intent to find information about products and services. This is a huge chance for you to grow your customers through search engines. If you can get great visibility and high rank on your website, you can really make an impact on your business.

However, building a good website with SEO doesn’t come up in just a night. It needs dedication, persistence, and creativity to really get a top rank in search engines. What you need to do first is, know how the search engines work to rank your website and the complete understanding about SEO itself. The better you understand about SEO, the greater plan and strategy you can create! Here is a complete explanation to help you understand what is SEO and how it works. 

What is SEO?

You might have known that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process to get your website rank in the search engines through non paid or organic strategy.  Let’s dig deeper with an example! If your website has content talking about “how to make a delicious spaghetti carbonara”, you want search engines to show your content in a top result to people who search for phrases “spaghetti carbonara” without paying for it.

If you want your content to appear in top search, you have to compete with other websites that have similar content with yours. To win the competition, you must be able to provide fresh, engaging and relevant content to the audiences. Try to understand the audiences’ intent, what they are searching online, what answers they might seek and what kind of content they wish to consume. Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to connect with your potential customers and get into the top results!

How does SEO work?

You have known about what is SEO and now we learn how SEO works until your website finally gets rank and appears in the search result. The work of SEO is mostly done by search engines. Search engines basically do their steps to show audiences the most relevant content. The steps are:

1. Crawling

After you publish content on your website, search engines will work to find your content. This discovery process is what we call “Crawling”. In the crawling process, search engines will send out a team of robots (known as crawlers or spiders) to find new and updated content. If you want your content to be found on search engines, it must be visible on crawlers.

2. Indexing

After crawlers find your content, the search engines will store and analyze all the information in your content. At this stage, search engines will learn about your content and put it based on the categories. Later,  when audiences search something related to your content, search engines will retrieve your content to them.

3. Ranking

In retrieving your content to the audiences, search engines will rank the best content that answer search queries. It means that results are ordered by most relevant to least relevant.

SEO Factors

If you want search engines to rank your unseen websites to the top search results, you have to know these all essentials factors!

1. Contents

Content is a king, strategy is a thing! Content that meets the audiences’ inten with SEO friendly content structures is good. Here are the SEO contents structures that will allow you to be in the top result page!

      Interesting Title Tag, an interesting title can attract people more and it is what they first see when they search something online.

      Main keyword contained on title

      Main keyword contained in description

      Use H1, H2, H3 (H1. Headline/title, H2 & H3. Subheadline)

      K-100, main keywords should be on the first 100-150 words.

      Name 75% of picture with keywords

      Permalink should represent content (use the same permalink as title or headline)

      Attach outbound and inbound links.

2. Crawlability

Crawlability is an essential part to get your website rank. Simply, if you want your websites to be found on search engines, it must be visible on crawlers. Here are two things you can do to maximize crawlability:

      Make a site map or usually known as “menu” on the websites. It will be easier for crawlers to choose the destination when crawling.

      Put links on your pages or contents, it will be easier for crawlers to find your websites.

3. Page Speed

Page speed is one of the factors that affect your SEO performance. Page speed is a direct ranking factor because at search engines, audiences come first. The audiences tend to leave your websites if it has slow loading speed. You need to double check your websites and make sure they have a good page speed. Consider your first 3 seconds of page speed. 

4. Domain Authority

Domain Authority is search engines ranking score. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 100. The closer you are to 100, the more traffic and better ranking you will get. On another hand, if your websites have a low domain authority, you can lose a huge traffic and also ranking. That’s why it’s important to have a good Domain Authority. How to check your domain autorithy? Click the link here to score your websites. You just need to enter your domain name and they will show your score and things to be improved.        

5. Backlink

Backlinks are links you get from other websites to your website. It is basically votes from other websites. Each of these votes tell the search engines: “This content is valuable, credible and useful”. Since the search engines consider backlinks as a vote for your website and content, it can improve your rank in search engines. How to get backlinks from others? The answer is simple! Do optimize your content, post original, valuable, profound and interesting content.

SEO is a great opportunity for your business to grow and reach new heights. It is a valuable asset to your business’s growth. If you want to reach your goals, you need to plan a strategy. Companies that come with a great plan or strategy reach their customers 89% faster. If you want to grow your business faster, you can have us! We can plan and build together, further info and services, kindly check it through this link https://smebro.com.hk/seo-services.


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Keyword Research 101: A Guide to Win SEO for Beginners

Keyword Research is an essential part of SEO. It is important because if nobody is searching for what you are writing about, you won’t get traffic from Google. Choosing the right keyword that matches audience intent is the key. But sometimes, finding the right keyword can be confusing especially for a beginner. Here we provide you with 101 guides to do keyword research that can win the organic search!

What is Keyword Research? 

Keyword research is the process of finding potential words that you want to rank in search engines. It is about understanding what your potential customers are seeking and what queries they might ask when they need to find something. By doing keyword research, you will get valuable insight into the queries that your target audience is actually searching on Google and avoid you in creating topics that nobody is searching for. The process involves you analyzing and comparing keywords to find the best opportunities to win the competition and match with your potential customers. 

There are two types of keywords that you might consider to use!

  • Short Tail Keywords, is a phrase that contains 3 words or less. It is also known as “head terms” that means the first things that come up when people are deciding something. For example, when you are deciding to go eat something, you might type keywords like “food near me, restaurant near me, Chinese food, pizza delivery”. If you are trying to drive a lot of traffic to your site, short tail keywords can be your best consideration. As short tail is usually a broad term, the competition is high. 
  • Long Tail Keywords, has a little different compared to short tail keywords. It contains more than 3 words that are definitely a lot more targeted, not as broad as short tail. You may not bring in as much search traffic from long tail keywords since it is a lot more specific, but the traffic you do bring in is something that you are looking for. 

How to Research Keywords?

When doing keyword research, there are some tips and ways to get you the right keyword that can bring your page into the top result page. So, what are the tips? Check this out! 

  • Study your niche

It is important to know who is your niche and how you talk to them. You can start by building a customer persona for your niche. Trying to figure out their work, their goals, and also their needs. By looking at these customer personas, It will give you a chance to generate new ideas for keywords and help you discover angles to your SEO strategy that you might not have thought before. 

Consider one of these steps to study your niche:

    • Audience Research, talk to them to get to know them better. Try to find out the terms that they use when describing your brand, company, product or service.
  • Identify Your Niche Pain Point, figure out what problems or hassles are your potential customer trying to solve? What’s holding them back from success? What barriers do they face in reaching their goals? 
  • Identify Your Niche Goals, this is the flip side of pain points. Pain points are problems your potential customers are trying to solve. Goals or aspirations are positive things they want to achieve. For example, what motivates your customers? What’s their end game?

At the end, you have always have to learn your niche to stay relevant with them. You might get involved in your niche’s online communities like forums, Facebook groups, or other social media networks and get to know their pain points or goals. 

  • Make a list of relevant topics based on your business

The main thing of building your website through SEO is to get traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness. You don’t want to mislead it, right? So, do keyword research that is related to your business, break it down into smaller topic buckets. 

For Example, your brand is specializing in Financial Technology Company, that are focusing on digital payment, some topics that relate to your brand can be:

  • (Brand Name) Pay Later
  • Digital Payment
  • Digital Transaction

The topic that you choose should be close to your brand and define your brand. It is something that you want your audiences to know about your brand.  

  • Find the search intent

Search intent is the term used to describe the purpose of an online search. It is the reason why your audiences conduct a specific search in search engines. After all, everyone including your audiences are hoping to find something. You might think that choosing the best keyword volume is a key to rank your page. But these days, it’s not that simple anymore! Google’s machine learning is trying to find the best answers for audiences who search queries and learn what are the things that are close to the intent. 

If you want to nail the search intent, try to think what your audiences are looking for. For example, when you choose a keyword “Smartphone 2020”. Try to think of the audience intent when they search for that keyword. Do they want to know the price of it? Or do they need complete information about the specifications? Try to figure it out by putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Looking for keywords with high volume is good, but it will be better if you can also find keywords that match with your audience’s intent.

  • Identify long-tail keywords

We have learned what is long-tail keywords in the section above (if you need to read again what is long-tail keyword, you can click here). When you do keyword research, you might find that short tail keywords have a higher amount of monthly searches in comparison to long tail search terms. Long tail keywords usually get fewer clicks, but since they are focused on a specific topic or product, they often get a higher conversion rate. Thinking about the audience’s search intent is the best way to identify long tail keywords. 

  • Check keywords search volume

After all of the things you do above, the keyword search volume must also be your consideration. Search volume matters because you want to attract new visitors and gain more traffic to your website. It is crucial to target keywords in your content that actually have real search volume. If no one is searching for the keywords you’re targeting, no one will find your content. However, if you’re only targeting keywords with extremely high search volume, it will be difficult to compete with bigger sites and get your content ranking. Choosing the medium volume can get you a big chance to win the rank. 

Choose Good Keywords

You’ve done so many things of keyword research. Now, it’s time for you to choose and pick the most relevant keyword that meets your needs and also your goals. Trying to compare all of those keywords with the goal that you want to achieve.

Use Free Keyword Research Tools 

To help you get all the things done easier in keyword research. There are some tools that you can use for it. Check this out!

  • Google Keyword Planner

This is the free tool that you can use all the time you do keyword research. You can see average monthly search volumes over time with specific timeframe parameters and also you can find the related keywords and ad group suggestions you’d expect from this kind of tool. It will help you a lot!

  • Ubersuggest

The other free tool that you can use is Ubersuggest. Here, you can see the search volume for any keyword in any country and language over the course of the last 12 months. You can also see the keyword difficulty to measure the competition. In addition, Ubersuggest also shows you a simple view of the top 100 sites that rank for any given term. 

  • Keyword.io

Last but not least, keyword.io! This free tool can help you to do research in long tail keywords. You can find and organize thousands of long tail keywords from many 


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