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What is KOL and How Important It Is for A Brand

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) is a term used to call someone who is an expert in a specific field and is being a role model for that field. Know more about key opinion leader strategy and how important it is for a brand. 

What is KOL? 

A key opinion leader (KOL) is an expert who has great knowledge and experience in a specific field and his or her opinion means a lot to the industry. The role of a KOL is to prove that the brand has a really good product and is approved by the expert. As a result, the presence of a KOL in the brand can attract consumers to trust and buy products from that brand.

In Chinese marketing, the role of KOL has become an irresistible economic phenomenon and great marketing tool for the fastest-growing profitable products. Key opinion leaders -also known as wanghong in Chinese- have an important role as a trusted and quality representation for a product or brand. KOLs also have similar types of marketing, which is for promotion, communication, connection, and consultation to customers or audiences.

You might think of Key Opinion Leaders are the same as internet influencers, but it’s a bit different. In China, the KOL is also an influencer who not only has massive followers on social media, but also has a great and deep understanding about one specific field. 

In Western or typical influencers definition, it is someone with big internet exposures and followers that became a brand ambassador, but they mostly don’t really know about the product well. The marketer hires them just simply because they can influence people to buy the products. 

Yet for KOL, they must be an expert with massive popularity online and offline such as Bill Gates as American business magnate, Jack Ma as Chinese business magnate, and Taylor Swift as an expert musician with many Grammys, they are all considered as KOLs. 

Indeed, KOLs recommendations influence 83% of young consumers in China and the same thing happened for 38% of consumers in America. So, the role of KOL is very strong to influence consumer purchasing decisions, even attract more consumers and expand the business to another level.

Benefits of KOL for A Brand 

If you own a business, you might consider partnering with KOL to increase trustworthiness, traffic, purchases. Following are the benefits of KOL in marketing:

1. High-Impact Recommendations

Research shows that opinion and recommendation from a KOL can increase a purchase 50 times higher. Indeed, customers need recommendation from a figure or an expert they trust to use and buy one product. 

2. Build Customers Trust 

92% of consumers are more likely to trust opinion from KOL instead of advertisement, according to Nielsen. Trust is also the key for building a long term relationship with customers tied up with the products. 

3. Increase The Traffic and Sales 

KOLinfluences the customers purchasing decisions. Based on data, even 115% more millennials are influenced by KOL’s word of mouth. In China marketings, KOL has driven US$4 billion in ecommerce sales in 2018.

4. A Real Influencer 

Instead of partnering with a non-expert influencer, you would rather be in tune with a real KOL. For instance, if you have a clothing business, then hire a famous designer as the key opinion leaders (KOL). 

5. A Strong Marketing Power 

In China, the most used social media are WeChat and Weibo that can be your marketplace to work with relevant KOL. The influencers can also use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more as the content marketing idea. The key opinion leaders must have massive loyal fans there for your target market. Indeed, partnering with Key opinion leaders is proved as a strong marketing idea. 

How to Choose the Right KOL for Your Business 

You have known about the key opinion leaders definition, now you must be wondering how to choose the right KOL. There are several things to consider to choose the best KOL as a representative to your brand, that includes: 

1. Relevance 

The first key opinion leader strategy is to find how relevant the KOL figure is for your target market. If you have a cosmetic business, then the most relevant and right choice for KOL is skin specialist or aesthetic medicine dokter.

You need also to consider to choose a representative who has the same mission, vision, and ideas. They must also have experience in promoting the similar products in the industry. It’s the best when the expert has massive followers online and online. 

2. Reach 

The power of KOL influences in the public can effectively help you to reach more and bigger audiences based on your target market. Remember that Key Opinion Leaders is an expert, their opinion about your brand matters and valued the most. The trust and credibility coming from KOLs will always influence wider audiences. In every aspect, a KOL will bring more audience to increase your business reach.

3. Engagement 

Engagement in brand marketing is the interaction between a brand, product, and service with audiences following the and emotional attachment. The role of Key opinion leaders can boost your business engagement, which is marked by the increasing numbers of audiences who view, comment, like, and share the products that are published by KOL on their social media or other platforms.

Therefore, you also have to choose a Key opinion leaders figure with a large number of fans or followers that matches your interest and target market. In turn, the increase in engagement from KOL will also increase sales and traffic.

4. Influence

What are key opinion leaders? The one great expert who can influence audiences to connect and trust your products. It’s much more than regular influencers -celebrities or social media enthusiasts- but KOLs can also give advice and sort of consultation in using the products to the audiences. 

As an audience, you will only want to buy and use products or services that are approved by an expert, right? That’s the magnet of KOL to influence people. 


Key opinion leaders one of many great marketing strategies to help your business to grow. The opinion, advice, and words from KOL matters and are trusted, so it can boost your business traffic, sales, and brand awareness. In China, especially in ecommerce marketing, KOL has crazily driven the sales to the peak.

Indeed, you can consult to a professional digital marketing agency to choose the best KOL figures and strategies for your business. SMEBRO provides you with the best service and offers to help you optimize your website using several approaches such as SEO strategies and complete content marketing ideas.

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Instagram Marketing: The Definitive Guide

You’re very likely an instagram user, but have you used instagram marketing for your business? If you haven’t, then you should start using it. Because using instagram for your marketing strategy will definitely grow your business even larger.

This article will guide you thoroughly to do and win your marketing campaign on Instagram step by step. Keep reading.

The Blowing Mind Facts of Instagram

In case you didn’t believe how Instagram can help to skyrocket your business, these following facts will open your mind.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media with total users having reached over 1 billion. The users for every country has reached over millions. (Statista)

instagram user

Instagram is a winning social media with the highest average engagement among 3 most popular social media. Whereas the median engagement for all social media is on 0,9%. (Rival IQ)

Lastly, the fact that will encourage you to maximize your instagram marketing strategy is that 72% of people claim to buy what they just saw in the app (Business Insider). By seeing those facts, now you are assured that using instagram for marketing will be your best tool to win your customers.

This article will be your best instagram marketing guide to start with.

Switch to Instagram Business Profile

Now, when you’re ready to start using instagram as a marketing tool, the first thing to do is to set up your instagram business profile. Your instagram business profile will help you get insight of your audience, post statistics, engagement, etc.

It will help you create the best approach and strategy to gather audiences, create campaigns, and define the funnel to convert them into customers.

switch instagram marketing

Just go to your setting page > [Account] > [Switch to Professional Account] > [Business].

You will need to fill some data about your business including email/phone, business, category, etc. Just give them the data they need and finish the preparations.

Type of Instagram Post that is Effective for Business

The next step you need to do is to create an instagram post. If you are already an instagram user for a long time, you may have been familiar with it.

But that is your personal post. If you are managing an instagram business account, you need to know what type of posts that will gather audiences and build engagement well.

Educational Post

educational post instagram

Just like the name, an educational post contains posts that will give you a guide, tips, or any other kind of “how-to” post. People love to grow more and more, so the goal of educational posts is to help people gain more knowledge, skill, and whatsoever.

Motivational Post

motivational post

If an educational post targets your skill, the motivational post works on your mental. The goal is to encourage, empower and build  confidence or resilience in yourself.

If an educational post should be related to technical knowledge in your business niche, the motivational post can cover more fields as long as it has any relation with human psychology.

Behind the Scene Post

behind the scenes post

Sometimes it’s good to appear in front of your audience naturally, without any polishment or too much editing. A behind the scene post will help to build proximity and intimacy with your audience. It’s also one of the best content to build engagement in social media.

Repost from Employees and Customers

It works just like behind the scene post. Moreover, the repost from your employees and customers could become a way to build social trust and branding.

This kind of post has so many benefits for your business. It will make your employees proud and your customer more sure about your products or services.

*Instagram Marketing Tips: create your own content and never violate copyrights law. It may cause your account to be permanently banned and your effort go to nothing.

Partnership with Influencers


Now, you have had an instagram business account filled with some posts. What do you need to do to gather your audience in your channel?

The fastest way is to make a partnership with other influencers.

The influencer could be a public figure from the entertainment industry (film, drama, music, etc). Or, some people who are experts in your niche and have many followers.

Just give your products or let them use your services freely as a barter for an endorsement. But if the public figure has so many followers, the endorsement fee could reach thousands of dollars per post.

Create Sponsored Ads

If you’ve just started your business and there is a tight budget in it, you should consider to create sponsored Ads.

With instagram sponsored ads, you could just target a specific market based on location, gender, interest and behaviour. This way, you could reach optimum growth with minimum budget.

To start creating an instagram sponsored ad, just head to your best marketing content and click the [Promote] button.

Choose where to send your audience (profile, website, or direct message) If you just start building a channel, it’s better to direct them to your profile.

Define your audiences based on their characteristics, which is meet your ideal customer. Arrange the budget and duration of your ads and complete the administration fee. Soon after your ad payment had already paid, your ads will start to appear on your customer’s screen.

Using Instagram Tools

Instagram has provided an in-app tool that you could use to get your customers contact, your post and followers insight, and make a call-to-action step.

Still, if you want to get more results, you may need an add-on tools that could help you to:

  1. research popular and lucrative hashtags
  2. spy on your competitors
  3. schedule and manage your posts and followers in a dashboard.
  4. increase your followers.

In fact, if you’re too busy in your business, it’ll be better to use a SMM (Social Media Manager) to manage your account. 

So you could trust your marketing campaign to a manager for instagram and focus your energy and attention on your business. It’s better than doing some technical things about your marketing campaign.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media that will help you grow your business faster, though you have to use it to its maximum potential.

You need to build your channel on Instagram right now by using Instagram business account, post great contents, and do the marketing things.

If it sounds too technical and you don’t have enough time, to get an digital agency to get your marketing campaigns done.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing, And What Are The Benefits?

One of the most effective marketing methods on the internet is affiliate marketing. This method allows business owners to reach more consumers with a smaller budget.

This is an old marketing technique that is increasingly in demand due to the internet’s presence. For businesses, this method can significantly increase product sales through widespread marketing.

Study shows that affiliate marketing can get sales revenue boosted by 30%. To successfully run an affiliate marketing program, know what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how to get started.

Whats is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a commission-based marketing method that allows anyone to market a product for a fee. Affiliate Program makes money by getting people to buy products without having to own the product in stock.

In digital marketing, this method is combined with a tracking system so that the product owner is aware of every marketer. So, the sales generated from the affiliate link can be count.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Many industries use this method. First, the company will open up opportunities for someone to become an affiliate marketer for their product. Some companies may not have strict requirements, so it is open to anyone.

The registration system will provide a unique link that only one person has. Affiliate marketers will spread this link to blogs, social media, or any other possible platform. Any transactions that occur from that link will be count as a commission for the affiliate marketer.

In practice, these systems are complex enough that companies sometimes pay affiliate networks to run them. However, you can start with a limited number of affiliates.

Generally, commissions are giving until the transaction from the affiliate link a success. There are also companies that only target for each lead generated regardless of whether they are converted or not.

The Benefit and Risk

Affiliate marketing gives your website a lot of traffic, but it doesn’t guarantee sales. The quality of the copy ultimately determines the consumer’s purchase decision. This method can generate new customers brought in by the affiliate marketer.

However, what matters is the possibility of cheating by affiliate marketers. Therefore, you need to monitor referral link activity and immediately resolve anything suspicious.


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Here are 5 Instagram Marketing Tips For Beginners

Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing tools right now. With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram marketing is the right choice to engage with your audiences. 

Part of Facebook, this social network also has great tools to target the customers you want. According to Hootsuite, more than 25 million companies worldwide are using Instagram to reach their customers. 

Here are 5 tips to help grow your business on Instagram. 

Switch to Instagram Business Profile 

The first step is to switch your personal account to a business profile. Go to Setting and click on “Switch to Business Profile”. 

Instagram Business profile gives you data analytic such as reach, impression, and demographic to understand your audiences. 

Create Ads

Instagram gives you a great space to show off your product with photos or videos. Optimize your content with Instagram Ads. You can targeting people all around the world based on their interest, demographic, and more. 

Set clear key goals and choose the right metrics. Most people advertise without definite goals so they spend money in vain.

Partner with influencers

Collaborating with influencers has some benefits such as reaching new users, increasing brand credibility, and sales. According to Forbes, “Influencer marketing in 2020 will likely continue to trend”. 

Find the influencer that has an audience that is relevant to your product. So you can get new  potential buyers. 

Use hashtags

Whatever industry you’re in, hashtags are so important. Use hashtags that people might be searching for. You can use hashtag generators to find the most searchable hashtag that is relevant to your business. 

Here are some hashtag generators you can use.

Maximize Instagram Bio

Instagram allows you to put a single link on bio but you can optimize with tools like Linktree. Linktree is a free tool that allows you to create a multi link landing page of your product. 

Linktree Alternatives




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