What Is Content Marketing and The Types

As the world moves too fast, traditional marketing now is less effective and modern marketers are starting to learn about content marketing now. Thus, know more about what is content marketing examples, types, strategy, and how it would help your business grow! 

What Is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is basically about how you use digital contents for marketing purposes. Based on Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a marketing technique that involves distributing and creating contents in the process to lead audiences to notice and further become your customers. 

There are two main purposes of content marketing, they are: 

  • Attracts audiences to know your products or business. The ultimate content marketing strategy is how you create catchy, pursuing, and fancy contents. That could be a photo, video, blog, article, audio, copywriting, status update, or any viral content to increase more traffic. 
  • Engages the audience to be your customers. The higher the website’s traffic, the more people will notice about your business existence. That also means, the more audiences will likely want to be your customers. Also, if you have big deals, discounts, and appealing promotions.

Indeed, you need to create relevant, consistent, and important content marketing for your business. For instance, if you have a clothing line then only post about clothing and fashion related contents. You also need to analyze your targeted audience and consider what topics are going to attract them to click on your products. 

You also suggested using every digital platform to promote your business. There are several types of content marketing to help you grow your business. 

Types of Content Marketing

You have mastered the content marketing definition, now let’s talk about the types of content marketing. Actually, there are dozens of ideas but let’s learn the basic first. Here are 5 content marketing examples that you can try right now: 

1. Social Media Content Marketing

What is content marketing examples? We believe you have been scrolling onto so many contents on social media that are actually subtle marketing. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote products, increase audience engagement, and achieve your sales goals. Right now, social media is actually the biggest platform of digital marketing and most people are into it. 

You name it -Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube- can be your promising business platforms. Consider your business’ goals before you create your marketing campaign on social media. Know your target audience, what you want to achieve, and your branding strategy. You can’t just post anything on social media without understanding the purpose. 

Here are some social media campaign strategies you can follow: 

  • Build Branding: You need to create a brand identity, catchy taglines, positive brand association, attached theme color, and highly visual photos or videos. As Neil Patel stated, build social media to entertain people and build the brand. 
  • Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the marketing term used to tell about how audiences notice your product by the logo, brand name, color, and every detail about your products. This is the result of good branding too. 
  • Increase Traffic: You can increase audience engagement by placing ads, partnership, paid promotion, or collaboration on social media or build the organic traffic using SEO and tagline strategies for social media. 
  • Improve Interaction: Social media networks are huge. You can build communication and interaction there, also to promote them about your products, programs, deals, and more. 

2. Infographic Content Marketing

Infographic is the representation of data and information that forms by charts, images, videos, and minimal text to give the audience the overview of certain topics. By infographic marketing campaign, you can display a collection of data, comparison, or history of something in one engaging visual to attract the audience to focus on that. 

You need to create infographics with the best design and catchy copywriting. Let’s say you have a fashion brand, then you could create an infographic about the changing of fashion in the 90’s and today’s fashion. Set your target audience and again, promote it to your blog, social media, or you may want to create an ad. This is also one best content marketing strategy. 

3. Blog Content Marketing

Blog is the most fundamental type of content marketing. Blogs and websites have existed far before social media trends. Also, contents you posted on your blog could last more than two years and it’s proved as the long-term infestation for digital marketing. 

Every professional business has a website to strengthen the branding and also one great way to promote. Consider using SEO techniques to increase the website traffic on search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO (search engine optimization) will help the contents increase organically by the high volume keywords and other SEO approaches. 

There are some reasons why your business absolutely needs SEO. Other than that, you can also combine with other types of website traffic such as guest post, PPC, referral, and advertising. If you are looking for an SEO agency or a professional to help your business grow, you can click here

4. Podcast Content Marketing

Lately, podcasts have become popular not only for the sake of entertainment but also a breakable marketing tool. Podcast is a platform to communicate about personal, up-to-date, or certain topics on air on YouTube or other online streaming platforms. 

The podcast market now is growing tremendously. By talking on a podcast, you are allowed to promote your business as well as increasing brand awareness, reaching existing and targeted audiences, then also expanding the chance to attract customers. 

You could create your own podcast with planned digital strategy and also collaborate with another podcaster who has the higher audiences. This is a win-win solution because podcasts allow you to get closer to the audience, it’s relatively cheap, it’s easy to produce, and you can tell more about your business louder and clearer. 

5. Video Content Marketing

Video is also the breakable tool for digital content campaigns. You could create one advertising video about your current product and upload that on YouTube, embed it on your website, and for sure on your social media. Video contents estimate could increase the organic traffic by 157%. 

According to Forbes, most marketers have not used video contents as the main marketing campaign because it’s relatively expensive and complicated. Yes, you need to hire all the video crews, content creators, or video specialists with the high-end equipment, and that wouldn’t be cheap. 

Yet, there’s lower cost of professionals who create high-quality video and audio in the market. You could also be creative to produce unique and remarkable videos. Even today, there are so many viral advertising videos that are actually low budget products but they are amazing. The most important thing is the marketing strategy.

Now you know about what is content marketing examples. Another quote from Neil Patel, “content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis”

If you don’t know how to do marketing by yourself, you can ask for help from a trusted content marketing agency. SMEBRO is an incredible agency to help you to optimize your website using several traffic approaches and marketing. Indeed, to save more budget, click here to see the services we offered.

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